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Our expert online security tips are designed to help stay safe and secure both online and offline. It is important to always keep security in mind and be aware of browsing safety. The sites you visit may be loaded with malware, adware and new viruses that are created every day. Our cyber security tips are designed make you aware of your security needs and help protect your computer and information with the best antivirus providers.

Free vs Paid Antivirus: Pros and Cons

With so many free antivirus options on the market, why would you take the plunge and pay for internet security? We take a look at the pros and cons of opting for free antivirus – and why you might decide to go premium.

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Why You Need to Keep Your Antivirus Updated

Do you really need to pay attention to all those annoying antivirus software updates? We explain what happens when you don’t install the recommended updates your antivirus program keeps plugging at you.

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How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online [Video]

The Internet is probably the single best parental resource since the invention of grandma and grandpa. Pity the poor mums and dads of the previous generation, who didn’t have an endless network of blogs, how-to guides, and online communities at their fingertips

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Who is Spying On You Now? [Infographic]

According to statistics released by renowned Norton, an antivirus company, cybercrime costs us $100 billion worldwide each year. This is only set to rise as hackers become better equipped at navigating security systems, more viruses and hacking systems become more developed. So where are you most vulnerable when you’re online? And what can you do to keep your online presence, data and even your identity safe?

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The Risks Of Leaving Your Computer Unprotected [SlideShare]

Most people use the Internet for harmless activity – social media, online banking and shopping, research and communication.

In 2013 the American government conducted a census that showed in 2012, 74.8% of all households had a computer. Of those people, 94.8% used their computers to connect to the Internet.

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