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It is a sad fact that as computers and this amazing technology becomes more widespread, those who would seek to destroy also become more advanced. There are tons of new threats developed on almost a daily basis. They are designed to infect your computer and steal your data or private information. has been fighting off these threats for a number of years. They currently offer one of the most advanced solutions to help protect users from all types of malware including viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and other types of threats.

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Features & Highlights

With a number of different anti-virus programs and products to choose from, there will certainly be something to offer your desired level of protection. Even the most basic package comes fortified with a very powerful two-way firewall and heuristic scanning and tracking technology. This simply means that it examines the behavior of suspected programs and threats in an effort to determine its threat potential (and then takes appropriate action). The database of existing threats and definitions is stored in the cloud and everything is updated in real-time. This system also pulls data from millions of current users to further update its database and make sure that only real threats are identified and removed. Your personal data is also protected and the system even scans all attempted file downloads, refusing to put them on your computer if they are threats.

There are also several additional programs and upgrades which can be chosen. This includes also added a very full featured firewall. This professional level firewall will help block even the most determined hackers, so it is perfect for a business with additional security needs. Also, the company has received some excellent ratings from independent testing agencies like Virus Bulletin.

Internet Security Suite

There are some very innovative and just downright cool features offered through the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite program. One example of this is the Facebook privacy scan. With this, the program monitors and tracks all your recent activity and then send you alerts for any resulting privacy concerns. You will, of course, also receive all of the basic features. Plus the firewall is actually enhanced. This allows for additional identity protection, enabling secure shopping, online banking, and other activities. For parents wishing to keep their children safe, there are parental controls, anti-phishing, and spam protection features.

Pricing Concerns

If you are looking for value for the money, then ZoneAlarm is one of the best places you could come. For those just looking for some type of protection, the basic plan may offer all that is needed. Certainly the private browsing, advanced firewall, and real-time threat updates mean that it is worth the low priced investment required? Not to mention the fact that is quite adaptable; with a license for 3 different computers, this might even be useful for covering a small business or private network. For those needing a bit more, the Internet Security Suite is another valuable bargain.

Customer Support

Most of the traditional methods of support are included at the ZoneAlarm site such as being able to send an email or engage in a live chat session around the clock. Better still, search the large knowledge base to find the answer to your query. Maybe you would prefer to connect with the support staff via social media? Several site links are provided including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. A link to their user forum is also provided.

Ease Of Use

Most users do not find that there is any type of learning curve since the software is very easy to run. In fact, it practically installs itself and runs in the background without any noticeable drop off or slow-down in system performance. Just follow to on-screen instructions and you will be set up in just a minute or two. The interface is not as attractive as others, but it does function quite well. It is easy to establish your own schedules, preferences, and parameters.

Bottom Line

ZoneAlarm offers some unique and powerful features. At the same time, users are able to maintain full control and have the ability to easily customize many different settings.

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