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Our expert online security tips are designed to help stay safe and secure both online and offline. It is important to always keep security in mind and be aware of browsing safety. The sites you visit may be loaded with malware, adware and new viruses that are created every day. Our cyber security tips are designed make you aware of your security needs and help protect your computer and information with the best antivirus providers.

How to Use Parental Control?

One of the nice benefits of choosing a premium antivirus software option is that it will usually come with extra functionality such as parental control. This tool can be useful if you are worried about what your children get up to online. It means that you can protect them from threats even when you are not there to supervise them.

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The Advantages of Antivirus Software

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The reality is that if you are going to be going online your computer will be in real danger unless you have this protection. Here are just some of the advantages of having antivirus software on your computer

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How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online [Video]

The Internet is probably the single best parental resource since the invention of grandma and grandpa. Pity the poor mums and dads of the previous generation, who didn’t have an endless network of blogs, how-to guides, and online communities at their fingertips

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The Best Parental Control: BullGuard vs Norton

Sometimes overlooked, parental controls are a simple but effective way for an antivirus program to keep your PC, mobile and family safe online. The best antivirus software will provide parental features that are not only easy to setup, but just as tough to crack. BullGuard and Norton antivirus are...

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The Risks Of Leaving Your Computer Unprotected [SlideShare]

Most people use the Internet for harmless activity – social media, online banking and shopping, research and communication.

In 2013 the American government conducted a census that showed in 2012, 74.8% of all households had a computer. Of those people, 94.8% used their computers to connect to the Internet.

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How to Avoid Spam Online

Spam can be exceptionally annoying and difficult to deal with. Many people fail understanding how their online activities jeopardize privacy.

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Computer Viruses Explained

A computer virus is a piece of coding, sometimes as small as a line, or as large as an entire program that can copy itself. It either inserts itself into a file and hides there, or attaches itself to one and tags along to infect your computer. The more complex the virus is, the harder it is for antivirus software to protect against it.

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How to Protect Yourself against Spam

Email is something that most of us will now take for granted. We now expect to be able to send off a message whenever the mood strikes us with the knowledge that it will almost instantly appear in the receiver's inbox. It can be hard to imagine how people managed to stay in touch before this invention – the postal service was slow and letters were always getting lost. There is a downside to this technology though. The price we have to pay for this easy and free way to communicate is problems like spam.

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