The Benefits of Using Virus Protection

Without virus protection, you leave yourself open to malware attacks while connected to a network. To find out what virus protection is and how it can help you read on…

What is Virus Protection?

Virus protection software protects your computer from a range of malware (malicious software) by searching out, detecting and quarantining potential threats in real-time. These threats may come from Trojans, adware, worms or a whole host of other compromising software creations.

Currently, there are several well-known makers of virus protection software that include basic features in their products such as real-time protection, regular updates, file quarantining and directory scanning. On top of this, some products have added functions that provide an improved experience through greater protection, ease-of-use and technical support.

Every day, up to 100 new malware threats are identified. This means that every software maker has to contend with and find ways to remove them. New threats are added to the databases of virus protection products regularly, but some products are more effective at detecting these threats. Consider this aspect when purchasing a virus protection package.

Benefits of Virus Protection

The benefits of virus protection are wide-ranging. They will protect your operating system from various security vulnerabilities, offering benefits such as:

  • Real-time protection. This is where the virus protection software will actively scan incoming files as they are stored or installed on your operating system. Any potential threats detected can be moved into quarantine where any interaction between the file and you operating system is halted.
  • Targeted protection. Another common feature is the ability to scan individual files, which is especially useful if you are unsure about a program or file you’ve downloaded.
  • Start-up scans. Some viruses are able to beat the removal tools of the virus protection software and they replicate themselves. For this reason, most products have a boot-up scan option which allows users to remove threats before they have time to run their code during start up.
  • Information security. The darker recesses of the internet are awash with stolen personal information, gathered using malware that installs on computers. For this reason alone, having the protection of a virus protection program that will detect viruses such as the “Conficker” worm is vital.

Some Not-so-obvious Anti-virus Features

As well as the standard benefits, some packages offer features that are less well known and might be ideal for your circumstances.

  • If you want to protect a number of devices, some packages offer licences and functionality for mobiles, tablets and laptops.
  • There is also added protection for devices with anti-theft measures that can lock or track your electronics.

Other aspects to look out for that will be useful include:

  • Application analysis for browsers and devices
  • Tune-up features for a smoother operating system
  • Leading detection rates and low resource use
  • Back-up of data

Get the Right Package for Your Needs

For choosing the right virus protection package decide on what features would be ideal for your circumstances. Most products provide the basic features, but added incentives such as multi-device protection, data back-up and application analysis will suit certain user habits and requirements.


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